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Warning: this site shows people in their natural state - nude!

Each issue of Australian Sun & Health magazine features a nudie place to visit
Keith and Elaine continue their travels and shares some of his favourite places.

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I'm so lucky to have the advice of strangers. People who can tell me how to raise my kids. It's something every parent loves. Mostly it's well meaning and I try to be polite, because you never know, you might pick up something...

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Sarah - Editor of Australian Sun & Health magazine
Be naked and be Free!
Naturism is characterised by the practice of communal nudity. Nudity is central to naturism and is a means of encouraging self-respect, respect for others, and for the environment and nature. You feel closer to nature when you remove all of your clothing and feel the warmth of the sunshine, fresh air or water on the whole of your body. Being naked outdoors gives you a wonderful sense of freedom. Theres no better feeling than being naked with the sun all over your body! Just practise sun sense by staying out of the Sun during the hotest parts of the day and you'll won't have Vitamin D deficiency problems!
There are clothing free (nudist only) and clothing optional retreats and resorts and clubs where you can enjoy this lifestyle with other like minded people. The Australian Sun and Health Magazine will help expand this nude world and we invite you to participate in this beautiful lifestyle for all ages, shapes, colours and sizes! click here to read more...
miners beach - quasi legal nude beach at Port Macquarie

miners beach - quasi legal nude beach at Port Macquarie
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